Nightlife x Portraits

Deep colors for your club photography.



When you are starting club photography you want to create your own signature. Recognize your work. Stand out! Just like your pictures.

Maybe you don’t know where to start or just want to jump-start your career. Finding your way in Adobe Lightroom can be difficult or frustrating and that is the moment you want help.


This Adobe Lightroom filter can give you that edge and will boost your nightlife pictures.

If you like pictures with high contrast and deep colors this is the filter you want. It will give people a nice glow and smooth texture. Colors really pop out in the dark or low light settings of a club or party.


This filter will speed up your work flow and upgrade your pictures or at least will give you a jump-start in creating your own style.

Ofcours is a good filter not everything. It will not save a bad picture. A good picture is build with different elements like settings, moments, equipment, setting, lights and so on. But we can teach you how to see and work with al these elements to build that perfect picture.

Nightlife x Purple Haze

Nightlife x Overview